About Me

I grew up in Rhode Island, went to college in Virginia (Sweet Briar), spent 8 years in Lewisburg, WV, where I fell in love with the mountains, and then in August 2016 I moved to Abingdon, VA.  

I teach Spanish to Pre-K through 8th grade at a small private school.  In my free time, I run, bike, read, ride my horse, and go on photo-adventures as often as possible.  I am currently missing the hills and mountains that I could run out of my front door in Lewisburg, but am managing to find enough hills in Abingdon to keep me happy.  I'm supposed to be taking advantage of the flatness around Abingdon to train my flat-running muscles, but...I keep conveniently forgetting.  

Half Marathons are my favorite race distance, and I am currently working towards finding out exactly how fast I can run this distance.  The eventual goal is to get below 1:25, but my current PR is around 1:28.  I have found that endurance training is what best helps me get faster, so I ran my 3rd marathon in June 2017 as part of my half marathon PR training.  I was much more successful at preparing for this one than I was for my first two and actually "enjoyed" it, so I now also have my eye on Boston.  

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