About Me

I grew up in Rhode Island, went to college in Virginia (Sweet Briar), and then moved to Lewisburg, West Virginia in 2008 to teach Spanish at a small day school. By my 8th year at the school, I was teaching Spanish to PreK-8th grade, Math to 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grade, and Physical Education to 2nd-8th grade.  I was also charged with uploading photos to the school's Facebook page as often as possible, and I was doing the entire yearbook myself. I decided over the summer of 2016 that I could no longer survive my job there, and I started job searching.  Late in July, I found a job that looked promising.  After a few Skype interviews, I had a job offer 5 days after applying.  That left me with 2 weeks to pack up my entire life, find a new apartment, and move 3 hours away to Abingdon, VA.  I now teach PreK-8th grade Spanish at a school of about 150 students in Bristol, VA. 

In my free time, I run, bike, read, ride my horse, and go on photo-adventures as often as possible.  I am currently missing the hills and mountains that I could run out of my front door in Lewisburg, but perhaps living in Abingdon will help me gain strength for the flatter races.  

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