Sunday, November 3, 2013

Taking it easy

This week:
T: 4.7 / 34:11 / 7:16
W: 4.82 / 37:56 / 7:52
Sa: 10.15 / 1:21:50 / 8:03 w/T
week total: 19.67

I didn't actually intend to take so much time off this just kind of happened.  I meant to run after school on Thursday, but I was so exhausted when I got home after the Halloween festivities, I had to lie down for a bit instead.  And Friday I worked non-stop til 10:00 at night so there was no time for a run then either.  And today...I just didn't feel like it.  Yesterday's 10 miler w/T was great though.  It was about as fast as I could go while talking on and off, and I was out of breath for a lot of it, but I figure it was a good workout for my lungs.  And my legs felt great.  I actually could have run a few more miles.  But we opted to quit before we completely exhausted ourselves.  

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