Monday, February 10, 2014

I came out of retirement and it was awesome.

So, I used to sing.  A lot.  And then I moved to Lewisburg, where my only singing options involved a cappella opera/classical music.  Which I was told sounded quite lovely, but I absolutely hated doing it.  Eventually, I decided I wasn't going to sing unless I had someone to accompany me, and since I didn't have anyone to sing with, I quit.  Last spring, I helped out with a Glee club, and there was a guy in the club who played guitar and had a voice that I was pretty sure would blend perfectly with mine.  So after the final glee club performance, I told him to let me know if he ever wanted to get together to sing stuff, cause I thought it would be fun.  
It took us about 6 months, but we finally managed to work our schedules so that we could get together and sing.  And it was awesome.  Around that time, I got asked to sing a few songs at a fundraiser at the Pub.  It was expected that I would get up and sing Danny Boy and a few Italian songs.  

I had a better idea.  Blair and I got together for a few late night practices (the inconvenient part of us having very different schedules) and we ended up with 6 songs to perform. The performance went great, we got lots of compliments (and I think only a few people were disappointed by the lack of a cappella opera).  Some friends came with their kids, who I babysit, and their daughter brought a pom pom and waved it around while I was singing.  It was super cute. 

I set up my camera to record the whole show, but somewhere near the end of the 4th song, it apparently got bored and stopped recording.  So that was a bummer.  But at least we have the recordings of the first few songs.  The buzz of crowd noise on the videos is a bit annoying, but you can still hear the singing. 

Day is Done

Falling Slowly

Rangers / Stay

We have been invited to come back and do a concert at the Pub  sometime, when we have enough songs to do two 45 minute sets.  So, we will be working towards that!

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