Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Celtic Knot 5k

3.1 miles
1st place female, 3rd place overall

The McDonough siblings came together for another race, although it was only 2 of us this time.  My goal was not to get beat by much more than a minute or two, and I only got beat by a little more than one minute, but that had something to do with the fact that the course was not well marked and Sean ran a bit further than me...and he had to slow down at some of the less-marked turns to make sure he was going the right way...  But we conquered the race field, taking first for men and women.  Happy to say that second place overall was taken by my former (and hopefully future) running partner.  He passed me on the final uphill and urged me to keep up, but I wasn't about to work my lungs any harder than I already was.  He beat me by 9 seconds.

I ran the race pretty hard, but possibly not as hard as I could have.  My lungs are still not on the same level as my legs, and so I ran as hard as I could without putting too much strain on my lungs.  I didn't want to strain them so much that I would end up sick this week, especially since I have a half marathon to run this coming Saturday!

Here's a picture of Delia and I from the award's ceremony.  She ran the kids 1k race.
We were both first female/3rd overall.
PS : this girl gives the BEST hugs! 

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