Thursday, December 29, 2011

Secret Ingredient #1 : Pheasant

I have a slight obsession with the cooking show Iron Chef.  I love seeing what the chefs do with the secret ingredients.  Sometimes I get good ideas for my own cooking.  Sometimes I just drool over the yummy looking food...

Last night C decided to bring me a secret ingredient to make dinner out of.  It turned out to be Pheasant.  I was going to slice up the meat and pan-fry it or something...but then I realized that it still had all the bones.  So I stuck the birds in a pot with some bacon grease, sprinkled them with garlic powder and rosemary, put the lid on, and cooked them up, turning them over occasoinally.  I also put some home-made mac n cheese in the oven, and steamed some fresh pole beans and leeks.  And then I fried some bacon to add to the veggies. 
burnt cheese perfection!

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