Monday, December 9, 2013

Finally, a "long" run

I feel like I've hardly run at all since the Richmond Marathon on November 16th.  Between rest, weather, travel, and overall busy-ness, running has been falling through the cracks.  I've been getting about 3 runs a week, and most of them only about 4 miles long.  2 weeks ago it was Thanksgiving travel that got in the way of running, and last week it was a 2 day Math conference in Charlottesville, and my photography show.

Yesterday was a slushy, icy mess, and I probably would have fallen and broken something if I had tried to run, so I stayed inside and baked a chocolate cake instead.  I was pretty stir crazy by the end of the day, but never quite managed to talk myself into working out.

We had a 2 hour delay today, and since it rained all night, by the time I headed to school, the roads weren't too bad.  After school, it was 40 degrees, so I headed out to run as many miles as possible.  The weather is supposed to turn nasty again tonight, so hopefully today's 9.5 miles will get me through the next few days if the weather prohibits running.  It felt really good to get out and run so many miles, I haven't run that many miles since the marathon.

Part of me is getting antsy to run another half marathon, but the other part of me is exhausted from 3 road trips in 3 weeks and in no hurry to leave home again any time soon.  We'll see what happens...

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