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Food, Fitness, Photography

Sunday, November 23, 2014

35.6 miles this week

Another great week of running.  A late decision to run another half marathon put me at 6 for the year, which is the same number I ran last year.  Considering all the time I lost from training this year, that's pretty nice.

I had originally planned to take today off, but this morning I found myself wanting a run.  Then a friend asked if I wanted to run with him, and my decision was made.  I know I will appreciate it tomorrow when I spend all day driving.

This Week
M: 7.7 / 59:24 / 7:44
T: 4.5 / 31:01 / 6:53
R: 5.3 / 39:37 / 7:33
Sa: 13.3 / 1:28:55 / 6:42
Su: 4.9 / 39:51 / 8:08 (w/DD)
total : 35.6 miles

Highest mileage in over a year, and my fastest half marathon avg. pace ever?  Successful week!

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