Sunday, December 7, 2014

Silly asthma getting in the way of my fun

That last half marathon I did in the cold air was not kind to my lungs.  When I tried to race again 5 days later on Thanksgiving, they failed me.  I killed the first mile in about 6 minutes, and then my lungs locked up and I couldn't really breathe.  I tried to fight it for another mile or so, then I gave up and jogged the rest of the 5 mile race.  On the bright side, apparently I can maintain a sub 8 min/mile pace even when I'm having an asthma attack.  So that's nice.

Also, it was really nice to go to a race with both my brothers and one of my sisters!  We didn't take a group photo, but hopefully next year we will get to race together again.

After the Thanksgiving race, I had to take it easy for a bit to let my lungs recover.  I went for a jog three days after the race, and could tell that my lungs weren't ready for anything faster than a jog.  I took a few more days off and ran on Wednesday.  I did less than 4 miles, but my lungs felt much better.  Then I took a few more days off because the weather was crappy and I didn't feel like dealing with it.  I ran 6 miles on Saturday and it felt really good.

Today it was 50 degrees so I got the bright idea to go for a bike ride because it was "warm."  Turns out 50 degrees on a bike feels more like 20.  I knew it would be colder, but not that much colder!  Lesson learned.  If I want to bike again before June I will need to buy some biking gloves.  Other than the frozen fingers, the ride was really good though.

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