Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 21-27

Just a few days late in posting this weekly summary...oh well.  I was out of town without my computer on Sunday.  And then I got home and just didn't get around to it.

Last Monday I had a root canal to save the tooth I killed by crashing my bike 4+ weeks ago.  Thankfully there was zero pain when the numbness wore off afterward.  Plus, the tooth is not nearly as dark as it was before the root canal.  Headed to the dentist next week for internal whitening, and hoping it can be done in one session instead of the three she said it would need.  I'd be fine with leaving it as it is now, but I have to at least go to the dentist to get the temporary cap removed and a permanent cap put on it.

I love the snipping convenient.  Using it to show last week's exercise means everything is in reverse order though.

total bike miles : 18.2
total run miles : 20.1

I was pleased with my 10 mile run.  Any run faster than an 8 min/mile pace is pretty good at this point, and my legs didn't completely die at any point.  They are still not very happy any time I get above 8 miles, but they complained slightly less this time, so that's encouraging.  Baby steps.  I will get back to half marathon shape eventually.

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