Sunday, December 13, 2015

Springtime in December

Wearing shorts to run in December?  Yes please!  And thank you!  Winters aren't so bad when it's December and above 50 degrees! I was very tempted to bike today, to take advantage of this lovely weather even though I should probably wait until my teeth are healed before I bike.  Then I slept in til 10:30, so I didn't bike.  I had plans to ride my horse with some people at 2:00, so sleeping more than half the morning took away the time I would have had to bike.  Probably a good thing.  Not that being around horses is any safer than biking right now...but thankfully I had a great time and nothing hit me in the face. Am I rambling?

Runs this week : 
M : Pub Run 5.8 
W : 5.6
R : 6.1
Sa : 7
total miles : 24.5

My legs were tired all week.  They never really recovered from last Wednesday's long run plus the ridiculous amount of hills I ran last week.  I was disappointed not to run anything longer than 7 this week, but but I did run 4 times and got my highest weekly mileage in a long time (not by much, but that's not the point).  In the end, I'm just grateful that I am back to running and my feet seem healthy.  Still having some asthma trouble, but it's not preventing me from running, only preventing me from running as fast as I might like to sometimes.  

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