Sunday, February 14, 2016


Addicted to the miles!  GREAT week of running this week.  I picked a cold week for it, but it seems that cold weather no longer has any effect on my ability to run.  The two ten milers were run with ice spikes that I thought I would need, but there was at least as much bare pavement as snow, maybe more pavement.  I was a bit worried because running on bare pavement with the spikes means I can feel them right under the part of my feet where the tendonitis lurks.  I could feel it during the runs, but I don't think I did any damage.  I was able to run today without the ice spikes and my feet felt great, so looks like I lucked out!  It's snowing again now, I'm guessing tomorrow will be another ice spike day, but hopefully if it is there will be enough snow on the roads to keep my feet comfortable!

This Week
M : Pub Run 4.6 / 8:14
T : Long Run 15.3 / 8:12 / 1043 ft
R : 10 .5 / 8:50 / 794 ft
Sa : 10.1 / 7:52 / 830 ft
Su : 7.3 / 7:46 / 610 ft
total miles : 47.9 / 3278 ft

Had 3 people for the Pub Run this week.  We had a good run, made it to the pub, and had just started our beers when we looked out the window and saw snow pouring down.  Our timing could not have been more perfect.  

Tuesday was a snow day.  I set out on a planned 7.3 mile run, but I felt so good I just kept on going until I finally stopped at 15.3.  I felt great for the whole thing.  When I was stretching afterwards I kept feeling drops of ice water.  Turns out the sweat that dripped down my braids had frozen into ice cubes.  I think that was a first..

I went to bed early on Wednesday night so I just happened to wake up at 4 on Thursday morning.  So of course I got out of bed and went for a run.  There was a 1 hr delay for school, so I knew I had plenty of time.  And once again, I was feeling great, so I just kept on running until I decided to stop around 10 miles.  

Saturday I was out running errands in the morning and it was bitterly cold and windy so I almost wimped out on the run to ride the trainer instead, but I really felt like running 10 miles.  So I bundled up and went out.  And of course I was overdressed and way too warm for the whole thing.  But again, I felt great.  I could have done another 15 miler, but I had procrastinated too long and didn't have time to do more than 10.  

I thought about taking today off, but my legs weren't tired and my feet weren't hurting.  Plus, I knew it was going to snow again tonight, and I wanted to enjoy a run on bare pavement!  I contemplated a 10 miler, but I thought maybe back-to-back ten milers might not be a smart move yet, and I was pushing the pace a bit more today, so that made up for the shorter run.  

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