Sunday, February 7, 2016

6 days

Today's run may have been no more than a short, easy, jog, but it was still the first time I ran 6 days in one week since...I have no idea when.  And if yesterday's run hadn't been so hard, I probably would have pushed for a better run today.  I'm thinking about trying to push for 6 days a week on any week that does not have a run of 10+ miles.  Ideally, I think there should be a long run every other week, and the off weeks should be 6 days of running, even if one of the days is really short and/or easy.

The only real reason I ended up with 6 days this week is because I'm dog sitting this weekend, and Mavi really likes to go for runs.  I ran a hard 6 with her yesterday, which left me needing a day off, but I didn't want to deprive her of her run today.

this week
M : Pub Run 4.6 / 7:22 / 33 ft
T : 8.1 / 8:03 / 594 ft 
W : 6/ 7:03 / 489 ft
F : 6.5 / 8:26 / 361 ft
Sa : 6 / 8:07 / 676 ft
Su : 3.2 / 9:20 / 453 ft
total miles : 34.5 / 2605 ft

This week I started really trying to push the pace more.  I had been settling into whatever pace felt comfortable each day, and it seemed like I was letting myself get slower, when the goal is to get faster.  I haven't cared too much about pace because I've been focusing on mileage, but it's time to start adding the pace.  There were only two of us at the Pub Run this week, and Nate was pushing the pace.  I was on the end of an inhaler, and my lungs were struggling, but as long as we didn't try to talk I was able to keep up.  I switched to a new inhaler the next day.  Tuesday's and Friday's runs were early in the morning, when it is always hard for me to get the pace up.  Wednesday afternoon I went out and pushed the pace for the whole run.  Breathing got really hard around mile 2.5, and I had to ease off for a little bit, but I never completely stopped pushing.  I had the incentive of trying to get 6 miles and also make it to Ford in time to pick up my car before they closed. (more on that below) Both weekend runs involved at least as much trail as road, which slowed me down a bit, plus there was the killer hill trail back up from the river in Saturday's run.  I pushed it but it hurt.  A lot.  (Time to start running more steep hills...!)  

this is how you cool off after a hard 6 mile run

Sunday morning in the mountains

sacrificed my day off because I couldn't say no to this eager face

In other news, my roommate moved out on Monday morning.  A few weeks ago, I asked her to move out at the end of the school year because I have decided it's time to live alone again.  She started apartment hunting right away, and next thing I knew she was moving into the newly renovated basement apartment.  0 more months of rent help was not quite the 4 more months I had counted on, but I LOVE having the place back to myself!  So nice to finally be able to use the second bedroom again.  Hello office/craft room/guest bedroom! 
And because I can't ever catch a car battery died on Tuesday afternoon.  I tried to leave work and my car wouldn't start.  Found someone with jumper cables, and someone else who knew how to use them, and after what seemed like a really long time, my car grudgingly started.  Wednesday morning I made sure I got out the door really early just in case, and good thing, because my car was dead again.  I got a ride to work, called Ford as soon as they opened, they said they had an opening at 2.  Borrowed jumper cables from a coworker, found a parent with free time, and we went to jump my car in the pouring rain.  NO FUN.  It took even longer this time.  I was starting to think I was going to have to get the car towed, but then the engine finally  decided to start.  Drove is straight to Ford, Gina followed me there and brought me back to school.  In the last 6 months, my car has gotten all new brakes & rotors, 2 new tires, and  a new battery.  What's next? Don't answer that.

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