Sunday, January 31, 2016

Back to early mornings for the week

My sleep has gradually deteriorated ever since I stopped running in the mornings and sticking to a strict sleep schedule.  Early this week, it deteriorated to the point where I ended up with insomnia.  Took me forever to fall asleep, and then I was waking up frequently and having a hard time falling asleep again.  So I went for my typical insomnia cure : get up early to run and no naps.  It worked.  I slept 10 hours last night and it was glorious.  I got up early on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for runs.  On Thursday I woke up a minute before my alarm.  On Friday I woke up 65 minutes before my alarm, and decided I may as well get up and use the extra time to run further. It was snowing on Friday morning, big fat flakes that looked pretty while they fell gently from the sky.  But it was also a sticky snow, and I kept getting giant snow balls building up under the heels of my shoes so that it felt like I was running in high heels.  Stomping wouldn't get ride of them, so I kept having to stop to scrape my feet along the pavement til they came off.  It was highly annoying.

Today, it was sunny and almost 50 degrees, I definitely enjoyed my hatless, gloveless, run!

This week : 
T : sweatfest 52:59 / 12 miles
W : 4.5 / 8:35
R : 6.4 / 8:32
F : 10 / 8:52
Su : 6.5 / 7:43
total miles run : 27.4
total miles bike : 12

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