Sunday, January 10, 2016

Adding on the miles

It feels so good to finally be running 5 days a week again, and to have my weekly mileage increasing! Monday's Pub Run was cold, with some snow and ice on the ground, but 4 of us made it out for a run anyway.  There was still some ice on the ground for Tuesday's run.  Wednesday I spent all my free daylight hours at the dentist's office, so I didn't run.  Thursday we had a 50 degree heat wave and I was feeling good, so I added a few hills to my route, and pushed the pace.  It felt really good to run hard.  Friday I chose to keep it to an easy jog.  Saturday I wanted to get a longer run in, but I wanted to keep hills to a minimum because my left quad has been sore, and hills are aggravating it.  It is hard to get mileage around here without hills, but I kept it as flat as I could.  Happily, it was my first longer run where my legs did not start protesting as soon as I got above 8 miles!  It is tempting to run today, but I think 5 days a week is probably enough right now, especially with the number of miles I got this week.  Rest days are important too...

M : AM : 4.1 miles / 8:01 pace
PM : 4.6 miles / 7:40 pace
T : 6.3 miles / 7:41 pace
R : 6.5 miles / 7:22 pace
F : 5.7 miles / 7:41 pace
Sa : 9.6 miles / 7:38 pace

total : 

 Tooth update : yesterday I ate a sandwich like a normal person for the first time since crashing my bike 6 weeks ago!  Words cannot adequately express how nice it is to be able to pick up my sandwich and bite it instead of chopping it into bite-sized pieces and eating it with a fork!  I'm not biting apples yet, but that's ok.  Chopping up my apples doesn't bother me nearly as much as chopping up my sandwiches. 

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