Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snow Day Adventure

I had a snow day on Monday because the roads still weren't quite clear enough for everyone to make it to school.  And I don't think our parking lot had been plowed out in time either.  Turns out Holly just happened to have the day off from work as well, and we were long overdue for a photo adventure, so we took advantage of our mutual day off!  We decided to go out to the State Forest to play around with our cameras.

We could see a bridge from the road that we wanted to get to, but there was no sign of the trail to the bridge.  It was buried under knee deep snow.  My boots almost come to my knees... After some deliberation, I decided that I would blaze a trail.  I got a good bit of snow in my boots, but it was worth it because we had fun taking photos jumping off a log we came across, and I ended up wading into a stream to take photos too.  Always fun to go in the water.  (I have the awesomest boots ever)

timing level : advanced

timing level :expert

timing level : fail
The camera was blinking and beeping and Holly asked when to jump 
and then the camera started clicking and I screamed "now!" 
And I leaped off the log, leaving a confused and entertained Holly behind.

Because who wouldn't want to stand in a stream in January 
when everything is under 18 inches of snow?

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