Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's A Winter Wonderland

I took yesterday off from running to dig out my car instead.

Before.  I had to shovel over a foot of snow off the walkway just to get to my car.

After about an hour : about 3/4 of the way around my car is clear.

And then a guy from across the street pitched in with another shovel, and a neighbor with a snowplow pushed most of the snow out from in front of my car.  Then I was able to pull out and back down the road so he could plow the whole parking strip. 
And then it snowed about 3 more inches. 

Today : my back feels like it's being stabbed by a bunch of knives whenever I move.  Didn't stop me from running though!  Roads are still 95% covered in snow, but I strapped my ice spikes onto my shoes and only had trouble in a few spots that had looser snow that slid under my feet.  Most places the snow was packed down well enough that my spikes worked perfectly.

This week : 
M : 4.3 miles / 7:33
3.3 miles / 7:01 (solo pub run)
T : 6.2 miles / 7:42
R : 4.3 miles / 8:05
F : 4.4 miles / 8:24
Su : 4.4 miles / 8:26
total miles : 27

There was no school on Monday because it was bitterly cold and the school ran out of heating oil.  I suspected that no one would show up to the pub run, and I knew I wouldn't want to run 6 miles in the frigid night air, so I ran a few miles earlier, and then ran a fast solo pub run.  Tuesday's run was also bitterly cold, I found that a 10k was about the most I could handle in normal running layers.  It snowed Wednesday afternoon, and the roads were a mess of slush, snow, and black ice for Thursday's run.  The winter storm hit early Friday morning, I went running around 8:30 AM in the pouring snow with several inches already on the ground.  I would have run longer, but I spent over 1/2 mile running into the wind which was blowing needle like snow straight in my face and it was unpleasant enough to make me decide to be done.

after Friday's run

it requires two shoe laces for each foot to rig on the ice spikes, 
but once they are secured to my feet, they are awesome

In other news, my car title came in the mail in the middle of the blizzard on Friday!  
So happy to be done with car payments!!

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