Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trying to get the miles in...

Trying to tread that fine line between upping my mileage and running faster, and not overdoing it...sometimes I really just want to rewind time to when I had the mileage and the speed easily and wasn't hurting anywhere.  I keep feeling tendonitis twinges in my feet lately, and I'm fairly certain that it means my orthotics are worn out and I need new ones, but I'm not sure how I'm going to get them right now since I'm not in Lewisburg anymore.  Maybe I'll be able to get to the physical therapy place over my 4 day Columbus Day weekend.  It's probably the only time I'll be in town when the place is open.

I was pleased with my mileage in the first half of the week.  I had to good 6+ mile runs on Monay and Tuesday.  I'm trying to impose a 6 mile minimum on myself again.  On Tuesday, no one else at the group wanted more than 3-4 miles, so I started with them and then once we hit the rail trail I took off.  I was running pretty hard, but then ran even harder for miles 3 and 5.  I turned around at 3.3, and the goal was to catch the tail end of the group before they finished so that I could start and finish with the group.  I caught a few guys with 1/2 mile to spare.  Miles 3 and 5 had a 30 second difference, even though they were at the same effort.  This was partly due to the fact that the trail is slightly more uphill on the way back, and partly because my lung capacity was less for the fifth mile.

Wednesday was my day off as usual.  On Thursday I got in a good 6+ miler before the group run, and was hurting by the end, so I figured I would just run an easy few miles with the group.  However, Amanda showed up that night, and she is the one other group person who runs my pace, so my plan went out the window.  I then took Friday off both because I needed it, and because I drove straight from work to Lewisburg.  (I was talking to a friend on Wednesday evening and decided that I just couldn't wail til Columbus Day weekend to visit again...)  I meant to do a longer run in Lewisburg on Saturday, but that didn't happen.  I almost didn't run on Sunday either, but ended up getting in a jog with Lex shortly before I left town.  

This week : 
M : 6.2 / 7:36 / 479 ft
T : 6.6 / 7:15 / 210 ft
R : solo 6.1 / 7:53 / 348 ft
group 5.2 / 8:10 / 135 ft
Sa : horse ride 1 hour
Su : 3.1 w/Lex / 10:24 / 240 ft
run total : 27.2 miles

Had a great trail ride with Sue on Saturday, and she took this awesome picture of Pony and I both looking pretty happy!

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