Monday, September 5, 2016

run, bike, ride

Running fell by the wayside at the end of this week, as I packed up and headed straight to Lewisburg after work on Friday.  But I biked an old familiar route in Lewisburg on Saturday morning, and got to ride my horse on Saturday and Sunday, which was awesome.

This week : 
M : run 5 / 7:42 / 308 ft
T : group run 5.5 / 7:51 / 151 ft
R : group run 4.7 / 9:10 / 203 ft
Sa : bike with Stu 22.4 / 16.2 mph / 1581 ft
trail ride 1:40
Su : trail ride 1:14
total miles run : 15.2
total miles biked : 22.4

Tuesday's group run was an out and back on the Creeper Trail.  I stuck with someone for 3.3 miles, then he stopped for water and I decided to keep going.  So I ran hard until I reached the beginning of the trail, then turned around and continued running hard until I found him again and finished the run back to the brewery with him.  It ended up being about 1.5 miles of hard running under 7 min/mile pace for me.

Ready to head home for the long weekend!

A rare occurrence of Pony actually wanting to hang out with me after I put her back in the field. 
Is it possible she actually missed me?!

The tiniest little toad was hanging out on the hitching post...totally unfazed by Pony.

 Sunday Funday.

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