Sunday, August 28, 2016

A 30 mile week for the first time since April!

Getting those last few miles this week was hard...yesterday was too hot so I biked instead...and then today was too hot and I just had to deal with it.  My first mile was a 7:07 pace and the last half mile was a 9:02... But I got the miles and that's what matters in the end.

The running group I've been joining officially runs at 6 on Tuesday/Thursday, but there are a few people who meet at 5 and run twice.  I decided that joining the 5:00 group and then running again at 6:00 would be the ideal way to get my mileage up.  So that's what I did this week.  It was hard to stand around after the first run and then head out again, but that's one of the great things about running with a group; it's even harder to quit than when you are alone.  The group can act as a distraction from the fatigue and help me push through.  On Thursday I didn't get home in time to meet the 5:00 group, but I got there around 5:25 and did my own hill sprint run, making sure I finished right around 6 to meet the group for the second run.

This week : 
M : run 4.5 / 7:12 / 249 ft
T : group run 6.1 / 8:09 /400 ft
group run 4.8 / 8:19 / 164 ft
R : hill work 4.3 / 7:35 / 381 ft 
(1 long hill push and 3 short hill sprints)
group run 5 / 8:17 / 141 ft
Sa : bike 22.6 / 17.7 mph / 1276 ft
Su : run 5.5 / 8:05 / 430 ft
run total : 30.2
bike total : 22.6

In other news, the first three days of school went great!  I only taught a handful of middle school classes, but tomorrow I start with my full schedule.  Tomorrow will also be the first time I wear a blazer to school since I graduated from high school...but here we will only wear them on Mondays instead of every day.  

Also, my spare bedroom is set up and ready for guests!  Just waiting to see who the first one will be...

The spare bedroom was last weekend's project...I had to scrub every inch of the carpet to try and get rid of the cigarette stench in that room.  It still doesn't smell as odorless as I would like, but it's a lot better!  Today's project was supposed to be the stairwell.  I did vacuum it and spray to help keep away the spiders, but I didn't scrub the carpet as planned.  Wasn't up for all that work after my run.  I will be in Lewisburg next weekend (hooray!) so I will get another 2 weeks off from carpet scrubbing.  

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