Sunday, August 14, 2016

2 weeks of craziness

The first week of August was a whirlwind involving my last week working at Greenbrier Valley Brewing Co, a visit to Bristol to tour my new school and find an apartment, and lots of packing.  The second week of August was another whirlwind with packing, driving to Abingdon and unloading the Uhaul on Tuesday, returning to Lewisburg the same day to wrap up final stuff and say goodbye to people, and then I officially left Lewisburg and moved into my apartment in Abingdon on Thursday.  So, I no longer live in WV but I'm not letting go of my "WV hill runner" status quite yet.

Suprisingly, I actually managed to exercise 5 days each week!  No high mileage, but at this point I'm happy just to get out there, even if it's short!

August 1-7
M : last Pub Run 3.3 / 8:48 / 36 ft
R : run 6.2 / 7:44 / 472 ft
F : bike w./ Dan 21.6 / 17.3 mph / 1355 ft
Sa : run 4.5 / 7:58 / 328 ft
Su : bike w/Dan 19.7 / 16.4 mph / 1325 ft
run total : 14 miles
bike total : 41.4

August 8-14
W : run 4.5 / 8:43 / 453 ft (forgot inhaler)
R : bike 13.1 / 17.8 mph / 830 ft (first day in Abingdon)
F : run road/trail 4 / 8:22 / 413 ft 
Sa : bike 11.3 / 18.4 mph / 617 ft
Su : run 4.5 / 7:32 / 246 ft
run total : 13 miles
bike total : 24.4

It has been ridiculously hot here in Abingdon.  90ish degrees, "feels like 96+" doesn't make it super easy to exercise outside, which makes me even more impressed that I got even the minimal mileage that I did this week.  Between all the work I've done unpacking my apartment and the exercise, the few extra pounds I gained months ago finally just melted (sweated) off.  

I'm running at about the same elevation here in Abingdon as I was in Lewisburg (just over 2000 ft), but the neighborhood/downtown hills are definitely not nearly as long or steep as they were in Lewisburg.  If there are some bigger ones, I'm sure I will find them in time though!  

Tomorrow I start teacher week at my new school (Sullins Academy), and I hope to be able to get into a routine of daily exercise like I haven't had for a long time!  

Photos from my last days in Lewisburg. 

Wearing matching glowstick necklaces and having a blast. 
Gonna miss her!

Farewell night at the Pub.
(apparently "Thanks for all the fish" is a reference to a movie I haven't seen...)
I did make a final batch of Potato Leek soup for the Pub on my last day in town!

Saying goodbye to Pony on my way out of town.

Car is all loaded up with the last bits and pieces from my apartment.  
Whatever didn't fit at this point, got tossed!

Some photos from my first 4 days in Abingdon

Home is where the bike is?
Hardly anything is set up at this point, but my bike found it's new place.

Next order of business: hang up the awesome medal hanger I won at the South Peak Hill Challenge
and hang my medals on it!  All my medals from races ranging from 10 mile to marathon.

I came down the road on the left and snapped this photo before turning around and heading back up the hill the way I came.  I'll explore that road leading off into the hills on a future ride!  
This is just past White's Mill Mercantile.  

Found out that Wolf Hill's Brewing Co is only a 0.8 mile walk from my I headed there on Friday night to try two of their beers.  Started with the Troopers Alley IPA and finished with this Zazzy's Downtown Ground.  I was told it's a coffee stout, but I'm doubting the "stout" part.  It was a really delicious coffee beer though!  

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