Sunday, July 31, 2016

ugh I'm getting lazy again

It never used to be hard to go running every day.  I hope this trend doesn't continue too long, but I know it's not over yet because the next few weeks are going to be INSANE!  I just accepted a new job so I have 2 weeks to pack up my entire life, find a new apartment, and move to Bristol, VA. (3 hours away from Lewisburg)  I am super excited to begin my new job as a full time Spanish teacher to PreK through 8, but all this last minute packing pressure and trying to find an apartment, and finding someone to drive a uhaul for me is a tad bit stressful.  So far things are going as smoothly as they could, so I will stay positive and hope for the best.  So far the best comment in regards to my leaving Lewisburg was "We will miss you, but we all just advanced a position in local races."  Ha.  Like I won't be back for as many races as possible... Ok, maybe I'll skip a few to let other people place higher...or to save myself the 3 hour drive.  We shall see!

This week : 
M : Pub Run 34 / 7:55 / 36 ft
R: 5.6 / 8:02 / 404 ft
Sa : warm up 1.3 / 7:56 / 207
race 1.8 / 7:04 / 400 ft
cool down 2 / 9:44 / 423
total : 14.2 miles

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