Friday, July 1, 2016

Hanging Rock 6/25/2016 : Holly's Farewell Hike

It's a hard thing to watch your best friend and adventure partner move away.  I'm sitting here thinking about all the photography adventures we talked about or thought about and didn't find the time for.   And I'm grateful that we got to go on one last adventure together during her last weekend in town.  Looking ahead, I'm hopeful that we will be able to find exciting places between West Virginia and Michigan where we can meet and adventure together in the future!

We did this hike together back in October (Hanging Rock in the Clouds) and because of the extreme fog, Holly didn't actually get to see the amazing view.  Since this is one of the closer hikes to home, and because I wanted her to see that view before she left, we decided to do it again for our farewell hike.

It was rather cloudy when we got up there this time as well, but we could at least see all the way to the ground.  And we stayed long enough to see the view expand as we watched.

Obligatory adventure selfie.

And of course, a sunglass selfie. 
Because it was really hard to take photos without major squinting.  
Sunglasses solve squinting problems. 

 Laughing together on top of a mountain, what could be better?
I may or may not have given her bunny ears in order to get us an entertaining photo. 

Tiny Holly taking in the view

My favorite tree ever. 
Can't do this hike without taking a picture of it's face!

We startled this fawn from a nap in the first few minutes of the hike.  Lucky for us, it didn't run too far before stopping to observe us, so we were able to get out our cameras and capture some photos before continuing on our way.

Holly said this sign made her feel like we were in Jurassic Park.

Photos of me that Holly took : 

Tiny Gretchen

These green boots were made for adventuring!

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