Sunday, June 26, 2016

week of laziness

Monday should have been a day off, after a half marathon on Saturday and a long mountain hike on Sunday...but Monday is Pub Run day so I ran.  And then I proceeded to not exercise again until today.  I can perhaps blame the weather for some of that...but really I was just being lazy.  At least today's run was decent.  It was hot out and I was not quite hydrated enough, but I still felt surprisingly good for a whole 5 days off, so I guess all the time off wasn't such a bad thing.

This week : 
M : Pub Run 3.2 / 7:24 / 0 ft
Sa : hike 2.5 / 21:06 / 440 ft
Su : Run 4.2 / 7:42 / 282 ft
total miles run : 7.4

Yesterday was Holly's and my last WV photo adventure together before she moves back to Michigan.  Photos will be posted in a later post. So sad to be losing my photo-adventure partner!

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