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Food, Fitness, Photography

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Worked many long hours on my feet but still found time to exercise

My new summer job at the brewing company is going well.  I am very unused to spending all day standing, but my feet and legs are adjusting, and my back stopped hurting when we raised my canning-day table about 6 inches.  I spent 1.5 days cleaning kegs (which is a great workout for my arms and back, hooray!) and 2 days putting plastic rings on 6 packs of cans.  The work is mindless and repetitive, but I am finding it really nice to have a stress-free job that doesn't require much thinking.  It is a nice break.

This week : 
M : morning jog 4.4 / 8:41 / 325 ft
Pub Run 4 / 7:20 / 151 ft
T : run 3.1 / 8:01 / 171 ft
R : bike w/Stu 22.8 / 16.4 mph / 1640 ft
F : long run 10.2 / 8:24 / 781 ft
Sa : warm up 1.1 / 7:14 / 0 ft
race 5 / 6:38 / 125 ft
bike w/ Dan 21 / 17.3 mph / 1516 ft
Su : horseback ride 50 min

total run miles : 27.8
total bike miles : 43.7

Monday I ran before work, spent 8 hours working on my feet, and then ran again.  Tuesday I spent another 5 hours on my feet, and then tried to run.  My body said heck no.  So I cut the run short instead of torturing my legs and feet any further.  I can be nice to my body sometimes... And then I even took Wednesday off to let it rest up.  Also I worked another 7 or 8 hours on my feet Wednesday...

I had Friday off from work so I took advantage of the chance to get one more long run in before my next half marathon.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out and I enjoyed the run immensely.  Even if it was a bit was my first long run in the heat, so I'm not complaining too much about the pace.  

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