Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting back to some longer runs

This week : 
M : pub run 4 / 7:44 / 121 ft
T : early AM run 7.4 / 8:06 / 545 ft
R :  run (5.5 w/Diane) 6.2 / 8:54 / 364 ft
 jog 1 / 8:29 / 46 ft
PM run 7.1 / 7:55 / 597 ft
Sa : Wheels of Hope bike w/ Lauren 38.6 / 15.9 mph / 3278 ft
Su : horseback ride 48 minutes

run total : 25.7
bike total : 38.6

On Tuesday, I just happened to wake up soon enough before my alarm to get out of bed and go for a run before work.  On Wednesday, I woke up early enough to bike before work, but it was raining, so I went back to sleep until my alarm instead.  I had Thursday off work, so it was a good day to do a longer run with Diane (5.5 miles in 50ish minutes), and then I ran a bit further after I left her at home because I was heading to a brief meeting.  The extra 1 mile run was the jog home from the meeting.  Later that day, I got pissed off about something, and needed another run to calm myself down, hence the 7.1 mile evening run.  (So glad I have running as a stress reliever in my life!)  

I worked all day on my feet Friday, which was rough, because I was hurting from my double run Thursday, but I survived, and then Saturday was the annual fundraiser bike event.  I was signed up for the 60+ miles which I have done the last 2 years, but because of the recent flooding, they had to change the routes.  Lucky for me, the original 29, 63, and 107 routes turned into a 36 and 19 mile loops that you could combine and repeat to get whatever distance you wanted.  Since I was very much not in shape to ride 60 miles, I just did the 36ish mile loop and did not add the 19.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty decent until about 29 miles in.  Then my back went very quickly from completely fine to ridiculous amounts of pain.  Luckily, all the really tough climbs were behind me by the time the back pain set in, and I was able to make it to the finish.  Moral of the story : I need to bike more. My back would be fine if I was actually biking consistently.  I'm not, because running is so much easier and less time consuming...

Today I debated whether to run, ride, or take a day off.  Then I realized it was the 1 year "barniversary" for Pony at her new barn.  So I ended up just going out to ride her instead of running or biking.  Which was great, because I was long overdue to spend some time with her, and it was a stunningly gorgeous day! 

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