Monday, July 11, 2016

oh, hello exercise

After a few weeks of laziness, I think I am headed back on track for fitness with running and biking.  Although, I went back to work today, so not sure what is going to happen now that I am working long days on my feet again.  If I fail this week, at least last week was good!

This week : 
M : run 3.3 / 7:45 / 249 ft
W : run w/ Diane 3.5 / 8:58 / 125 ft
R : bike w/Dan 20 / 17.9 mph / 1293 ft
run 4.5 / 7:40 / 328 ft
F : bike w/Dan 20.3 / 17 mph / 1388 ft
run w/Diane 3 / 8:42 / 177 ft
Sa : race 4 / 6:45 / 190 ft
Su : bike w/Dan 17.8 / 17.9 mph / 1260 ft

bike total miles : 58.1
run total miles : 18.3

Back in WV this week, with my sister here to run with me for a few weeks.  Trying to slowly introduce her to the WV hills.  It's hard to find running routes without them! Did the smallest hills I could find on Wednesday, and then did a longer hill in our short run on Friday.  Saturday's race was pretty flat, though I just noticed that the elevation gain says it was the most we got all week...interesting.  

I was happy to get back on the bike this week, and even more happy that I had a friend to ride with so that I would actually get on the bike this week.  Thursday and Friday's rides were ridiculously humid and gross, but Sunday's ride was gorgeous! No photos though, we were too busy riding...

I'm not going to write a separate post for the race report, I don't think there were more than 20 racers and it wasn't much of a race.  A high school kid stuck with me for awhile, and I thought maybe we would have a race to the finish, but then he gave up after 3 miles and I lost track of his footsteps behind me.  The race came to 3.94 miles on my watch, and then I jogged until I got to 4.  But still ended up with a 6:45 average, so I'm calling that good.  It downpoured right before the race for about 15 minutes, and then we had to deal with steam coming off the pavement during the race.  At least most of it was shaded.  Diane had a nice sprint to the finish with some guy, but he pulled away from her in the end.  
I told Diane she had to be in the pre-race selfie with me.

Finish times.  1st overall for me, 8th overall for her.

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