Sunday, July 24, 2016

A week of actual summer weather!

This week : 
M : hill run w/Diane 6.2 / 9:38 / 387 ft
Pub Run 4.6 / 11:11 / 0 ft
T : horseback ride 1 hour
W : hill run w/Diane 4.5 / 8:48 / 282 ft
R :  run 4.2 / 7:44 / 459 ft
Sa : Chocolate Chase 10k (6.1) / 6:51 / 243 ft
cooldown 1 / 9:36 / 112 ft
Su : bike w/Stu 35.8 / 15.9 mph / 2484 ft

run total : 26.2 miles
bike total : 35.8 miles

We finally had a week without rain and it was hot out!  I took Diane up to Blue Bend on Monday so we could run up the mountain and back, and then swim in the swimming hole to cool of afterwards.  

The nice beach at Blue Bend was destroyed by the flood, but the smaller beach across the stream wasn't too bad, and the swimming hole was still there and just as cold as usual.  Did a little bit of swimming, but it aggravated the ankle I sprained a few months ago, so I mostly just stood in the water enjoying the cold.  

We then had the Pub Run in the evening, which had a record participation of TWELVE people!  New med school students are in town, plus a bunch of locals who have never come before just happened to pick this week to show up.  It was really awesome to have so many people for once, and made me glad I haven't given up on it yet, even though there are usually just two of us.  

On Tuesday I decided to give Diane a last dose of hills before the hilly 10k race.  I included the steepest neighborhood hill in town, so that every hill she runs from now on will be easy in comparison.  

It was sweltering hot for my run on Thursday, but it felt good to pound out some hills in the heat to get ready for Saturday's 10k.  And then it was cool and foggy for the 10k.  100% humidity, but not hot at all.  It was so foggy, you could barely see more than 100 meters in front of you for almost the entire race.  I ran hard, but I wouldn't say I was quite putting in race effort.  At this point, I think if I don't have lung trouble, I'm not running race effort.  But, I prefer to let my lungs work without hurting them to the point that I need to use my inhaler during a run.  It's not worth hurting myself right now just to try and get a PR.  After I finished, I turned around and jogged back until I found Diane.  I found her after about 0.7 miles, turned around and joined her til I reached 1 mile, then dropped back to walk the rest of the way while she finished strong.  

Last night was a late night of babysitting, so I ended up sleeping in this morning.  Surprisingly, I slept until 9:30!  After years of not being able to sleep past sunrise, it always feels weird to wake up so late, but I like to let my body sleep when it needs it!  10 minutes after I woke up Stu texted to invite me for a bike ride around 10.  I had just put on running clothes, but decided I may as well get on the bike for once so I changed and went for the ride.  It was almost 90 degrees out, but we somehow managed to survive the long ride!  

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