Monday, July 10, 2017

RI week 2 :July déjà vu

Last year while in RI around the 4th of July, I strained my back with too much biking and then destroyed it with a track workout. This year, I strained my back doing TRX and then destroyed it with a track workout. I never learn... It was a lot worse this year. My back was strained by bad form in ab exercises, pulled on by tight leg muscles from overdoing the squats and lunges, and then insulted by 10x300 on the track. But hey, despite the pain, I hit between my goal times of 59-61 seconds every time. Perhaps without the pain I could have had them all at 57-59 though... Anyway, my leg muscles got so tight I couldn't straighten my back for a few days. The foam roller was minimally helpful. The heating pad allowed me to straighten for as long as the muscles stayed hot. I ended up not being able to get any exercise other than walking for the rest of the week. I've decided that my body creates problems just to make me take time off since I'm so bad at keeping training easy. Also bad at listening to minor aches and pains. My back had started hurting before the sprints but it wasn't bad enough for me to be able to give them up like I should have.

This week:
M : 30 minute TRX
       run w/ sister 4.2 / 8:47 / 337ft
T : warm up 1 / 8:52 / 91 ft
      10x300 : 61, 59, 60x6, 61, 59 
        recoveries were 100+m walk til HR was below 125
       cool down : 1 / 10:46 / 72 ft
W : 15 min yoga
       1.4 mile walk
R : 1.3 mile walk 
Su : 2.5 mile walk  
total miles runs : 9

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