Sunday, July 2, 2017

RI week 1

This week : 
M : run  6.1 / 8:09/ 510 ft
(5 w/sister)
T : warm up 1.5 / 8:55 / 95 ft (1 mile + 4x100m strides)
1600 time trial 5:54 (1500 @ 5:26)
cool down 1.5 / 9:08 / 89 ft
W : 30 minute TRX
rowing machine 15:00 / 2750m
R : run 8.4 / 7:52 / 505 ft
F : 40 minute yoga
Sa : group bike 20 / 17.1 / 584 ft
run w/sister 5.7 / 8:46 /354 ft
Su : run 3.5 / 9:09 / 253 ft
total miles run : 27.8
total miles biked : 20

I was super happy with my time trial on Tuesday, when I beat my HS 1500 PR by 10 seconds, plus it was fun to do my time trial on the same track where I started my running career!  

Wednesday's TRX had me sore for 2-3 days afterwards, which is always welcomed after a workout as it lets me know I worked hard!

Thursday's miles didn't feel quite as easy as I wish they had, but they still went well overall, especially considering the strong winds, and it was nice to get in a slightly longer training run. 

The runs with my sister were more about her than me, just trying to stick to a pace she could handle for some longer runs than she's used to and trying to give her tips here and there.  

 Today I made the mistake of barely drinking any water, napping too long, and then attempting to run straight out of the nap.  The result : dead legs and an angry stomach. But hey, any run is better than no run!  

Portions of Monday's and Sunday's runs were on grass, which was no big deal in HS but now feels so much harder than pavement!  So much extra effort required to run on grass.  I'm sure it's good for my legs and feet to work all those extra stabilizer muscles...but I definitely prefer pavement! 

I've drawn up a schedule for this coming week to try and get myself back into training and motivated.  TRX twice, a track workout, a distance pace workout, and hopefully 2 bike rides!  And an easy run or two of course. 

Hooray for being able to sprint faster than my high school self even though I'm much more of an endurance runner!  

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