Monday, June 26, 2017

Recovery Week

This week : 
M : 45 minute TRX class
run 3.1 / 
T : 45 minute TRX class
run 4.5 / 
(4 x 800)
horseback ride 90 minutes
W : bike 8.3 / 16.8 mph / 607 ft
R : bike 16.4 / 16.6 mph / 1214 ft
F : 45 minute TRX class
run 5 / 7:40 / 397 ft
horseback ride 90 minutes
Sa : run 5.3 / 7:32 / 144 ft
Su : rest
total run miles : 17.9
total bike miles : 24.8

I don't feel like I'm recovering from a back-to-back marathon/half marathon.  I have to keep reminding myself that my body needs recovery time even though I don't feel like it does.  My reduced mileage just feels lazy to me right helps that I have been traveling, so at least I have been busy enough to almost not notice how little I am running.... I am now in RI for about 2 weeks though, and hope to get my running schedule back to somewhat normal while here, as well as throwing in some bike rides.  Primary focus is now to work towards a half marathon PR.  It's time to break 1:28, and I'm hoping to break it by more than just a few seconds!  

Here I am enjoying a run through Lewisburg, PA after a 6 hour drive.  It was a gorgeous run, but way too flat for my tastes!

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