Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alderson 5k

Guess I've been pretty lazy about posting lately...oops. All this not-working is making me lazy.  That will change soon enough I'm sure.  I spent some time in my classroom this week getting it ready for the new school year, and I'm sure I'll be getting to work on lesson planning soon.  Plus, I'll be spending some time working in the bike shop this week...the shop moved to a new location and I need to get the office set up!

I ran a 5k yesterday, the "Run for Snacks" 5k.  Race proceeds go towards providing healthy snacks for a local elementary school.  This race wasn't on my schedule, but I found out about it a few days ago and didn't have a logical reason not to do it!  I'm glad I did it, I ended up with the super-fabulous time of 19:05.  For some reason, I thought my PR was 19:25.  I was super excited about the 20 second PR, since my last 5k PR was in September 2011, but then I looked in my records and discovered that the PR I set back then was actually 19:54.  I didn't get a 20 second PR, I got a 49 second PR.  So...that's exciting.  My ultimate 5k goal is to break the 6 min/mile pace. I'm getting closer!

And not only did I get an awesome PR, but I was first female finisher and 4th overall.  Was in 3rd place for the last mile or so, but the next guy was never far behind me, and when he sprinted out the finish, I really didn't feel like fighting him for it.  Not that I backed off my pace, but I didn't try to push any harder than I already was just to beat him.  I ended up only about a second behind him though...maybe I should have tried harder.

Starting on June 30, I've had a new running younger brother.  We just finished our first full week of running together, and we've got another 2 weeks or so before he heads back to RI.  I figure this will be a win-win situation...I'm helping him increase his mileage, he can help me run faster.  I think I take 3 strides to his when I'm pushing the pace as hard as I can, he's still just loping along.

6/24 - 6/30
M: off
T: off
W: 3.5 / 30:00 / 8:34
(Totally guessing about the mileage, I ran 20 min barefoot on the beach, and then put my shoes on and did 10 min on the road.  Somehow, it didn't occur to me to bring my GPS watch along.)
R: 4.32 / 35:11 / 8:08
F: off
Sa: off
Su: 4.7 / 35:02 / 7:27 w/Sean
total : 12.52

7/1 - 7/7
M: 7.17 / 56:43 / 7:54 w/Sean
T: 4.98 / 35:47 / 7:11 w/Sean
W: 5.56 / 40:32 / 7:18 w/Sean
R: 4.7 / 35:01 / 7:27 
(I needed a run on my own 'cause I needed to take it easy and I always forget to go easy when I run with someone else...)
F: off
Sa: 5k / 19:05 / 6:09
Su: 4.11 / 31:07 / 7:34 w/Sean & Jim
total : 29.62

This past week was pretty good for me after the previous week of low mileage and recovering from a race.  The goal is to fit a 10+ mile run in at some point this week.  The trouble is timing...too hot during the day, and I don't want to hit rush hour traffic in the morning or evening.  But I will figure something out for sure.  Just might not get to use my first choice of a route because of traffic.  

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