Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hot and Humid

Despite my best intentions, it's been really hard to get out and complete some long runs.  I did manage to accomplish almost 40 miles this week, but most of my runs felt like torture.

On Monday, we went up to Blue Bend to run the 5 mile trail up and down a mountain, followed by a swim in the perfectly cold swimming hole.  It has been a very long time since I allowed myself to walk in the middle of a run, but Sean and I both ended up walking twice on the way up the mountain.  The first time, we stopped together, the second time, I made it a couple minutes after he stopped, but then I had to stop and walk too.  He caught up just before we reached the top, and then we flew down the mountain with a brief stop to check out the spectacular view off the overlook.  That run definitely showed me that I am not in very good trail shape, and I suspect that my lack of strength training over the last year played a big part.  I better either start running trails more often, or start strength training soon!

On Tuesday, we set out for a 7 mile run, but it was pretty hot out, and 5 miles in Sean decided to stop and walk the rest of the way because his feet were burning up.  I continued running all the way home.

Sean wanted to give his blisters a better chance to heal, so he biked for the next couple of days.

Wednesday and Thursday I dragged myself through some mid-distance runs, but there was nothing enjoyable about them, and it took a lot of will power not to wimp out and do 3-4 mile runs.

Friday I really didn't feel like going for a run, and decided to listen to my body and be lazy for a day.

Saturday I set out for what I expected to be a torturous 5 mile run.  It was 81 degrees, with 54% humidity, and I ended up feeling spectacularly good.  I did over 7 miles, and probably could have done more.  It was my perfect running weather, but it seems that it took me this long into the summer to actually acclimate to it.  It seems like even though I've always loved running in the summer heat, it takes me longer to acclimate every year.  I suspect it has something to do with my switch to winter running.  It was probably a lot easier for my body to adjust from indoor treadmill running to outdoor 80+ degrees, than it is for my body to adjust from 20 degree running to 80+ degree running.  Another not-helpful fact is the lack of spring we seem to be having.  We keep skipping straight from winter to summer.

Today I didn't get around to running til almost 6 PM, and there was a light rain.  I ended up wishing it would rain a lot harder, because it would have kept me cooler, but I did feel pretty good, and got my fastest run of the week.

This week:
M: 5.25 trail / 55:13 / 10:31 w/Sean
T: 7.17 / 55:14 / 7:42 w/Sean
W: 6.8 / 53:28 / 7:51
R: 7.5 / 1:03:40 / 8:29
F: off
Sa: 7.27 / 56:29 / 7:46
Su: 4.39 / 32:14 / 7:20
week total : 38.38

Countdown to the Parkersburg 1/2 is on, it's now less than 4 weeks away.  And I still haven't gotten around to running a 20 miler...need to do that soon.  Once the end of summer/early fall race season starts, it's gonna be hard to do long runs to train for the Richmond Marathon.  Gotta fit them in somehow!

And for this week's running humor...I bring you The Oatmeal.  

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