Sunday, April 12, 2015

Race 1 of 4 and a bike ride

One race down, 3 to go!  It has occurred to me that cross-training would be a good idea so that I can exercise without straining my running legs too much.  But then I realized that I may be too out of shape for biking to be able to do much in between all these races without it being worse for me than just running...

I went for a ride today, and kept it as easy as I could.  It didn't hurt nearly as much as I had thought it might, but I still have to play the waiting game to see how sore I will be.  Or maybe I will be lucky and not really be sore.

I have suspended my minimum running requirements until after my crazy 4 weeks of racing.  I really don't want to overdue it... I am trying for 20 miles a week instead of 30, but if I end up with a week under 20, I doubt I will beat myself up about it.

This week:
T : 5
R : 7
F : 4.5
Sa : 0.8, 6.1, 0.4 (warm-up, race, cool-down)
Su : 16.4 bike
total miles run: 24
total miles bike : 16.4

I spent some relaxing time out at the barn with Pony yesterday afternoon, to enjoy the weather even more.  She is shedding up a storm - there is now no doubt that it is Spring!

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