Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Busy Days

I try to post my weekly mileage reports on Sundays, but time keeps getting away from me.  Better late than never!  I've been house/dog sitting since Friday afternoon, and I visited Sweet Briar over the weekend.  I couldn't miss what may be the last History Department Party ever!  I've only been to one other one since I graduated, and it was several years ago.  They are always a fun time.  This one was supposed to be on a Wednesday, but after the announcement that the school was closing, the party was moved to a Saturday so that more alumnae would be able to come.

This week's miles:
M : 3.5 GSF trails w/MB
T : 7.3
R : 4.5
4.1 trail/road w/EK
Sa : 4.2 trail/road
Su : 4.2 @SBC
total miles : 31.2

The house I'm staying at this week has some trails/old logging roads in the woods behind it, including a very steep trail down to the river.  One of the dogs comes with me on runs, the other generally chooses to stay behind.  I ran the route once with the owner before she left town, so that I would have a general familiarity with the trails.  When I ran the loop on Saturday morning, I took a wrong turn.  It dead-ended, and Mavvie barked furiously at me when I figured it out and backtracked.  I think she was laughing at me.  

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