Sunday, June 14, 2015

another week of biking

This week : 
M : 14.5
T : 16.4
R : 23 w/Denver
Sa : 16.3 + 3.1 run
Su : 14.7 w/Byron
total miles biked : 85.1
total miles run : 3.1

I took my full two weeks off of running, and tried out a jog yesterday after my ride.  My legs always feel super weird when I run after biking, but they were mostly settled into the run by the end of the first mile.  I made myself keep it short, trying not to overdo it.  It was blazing hot out and my lungs were struggling (what else is new) so that helped me keep it short even though my legs wanted to keep going forever.  My foot felt fine during the run, so I was super happy about that.  Sadly though, it started hurting a couple hours later.  So I guess I will not quite be getting back into running after all.

I forgot to use my inhaler before Thursday's ride, but it ended up really not being a problem.  So I haven't used it for riding since.  

My strength training schedule got tougher this week.  Trying to do Saturday's assignment after the bike and run in 90 degree weather was brutal.  And today I am so sore from my pitiful little 5k yesterday that walking is painful.  I was hoping today's ride would loosen up the soreness, but it didn't.  

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