Sunday, June 21, 2015

longer rides

I have just under a month until the annual Wheels of Hope ride.  That means just under a month to get in shape for 60 miles.  I could survive 40 right now, but much more than that would be pushing it.  I only rode twice this week, but both were over 35 miles, and I'm feeling confident that I will be able to get the extra miles I need.  I'm getting a lot better at keeping my shoulders/arms relaxed during my rides instead of locking my arms, which is a HUGE help in keeping my back pain to a minimum.

The first reason why I only rode twice this week is because there just wasn't any time for riding this week.  I had to take an afternoon off from babysitting in order to fit in the first ride.  Sadly, that ride cost me about $80 in babysitting money, but oh well, exercise is important too!  However, next time I plan an afternoon off to bike, I might try harder to make it a lower-paying day...

Since I didn't have much time to bike, I figured I should make the rides I did have count, so I decided to just to two longer rides.  Thursday's ride was brutal, because it was about 90 degrees out and pretty humid.  Three of us crazy people went on the ride, none of us had enough water.  My bike holds two bottles, and I had both filled, but it wasn't enough.  The guys I rode with only had one bottle apiece.  It was rough.  Aside from dehydration though, it was a good ride.  My back held up really well.

Not wanting to repeat Thursday's misery, we decided to aim for 9 AM for today's ride.  It went much better.  Only two of us this time, but the weather was gorgeous and not nearly as hot and humid as Thursday.  I only drank about half of a bottle of water during the ride, and I didn't suffer dehydration fatigue afterwards.  Today's ride was a bit longer, and my legs were getting tired by mile 25, but I really only felt it on hills.  My back also held up really well.  The ride ended with a climb, and when I went to get off my bike at the end my back was just about locked in position, but it loosened up without too much trouble.

this week:
R : 36.3 w/Byron & Denver (3104 ft gain)
Sa : 3.1 run
Su : 38.9 w/Denver (3527 ft gain)
\total bike miles : 75.2
total run miles : 3.1

In other news, I have outfitted my car with an awesome new bike rack so that I can bring my bike to RI with me this week and not worry about it flying off my car and breaking into a thousand pieces!
Much sturdier than the trunk racks which really just don't fit this car like they did my old car.
And added bonus, this has a lock, so my bike can't be taken off it without a key!

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