Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June strength training

I came across an ab-workout challenge schedule for the month of June and briefly considered it, because I definitely need to be doing core strengthening.  But then I had to admit that I need to be doing a lot more than core strengthening.  I need to be doing full-body strength training if I want to be healthier and stronger. So naturally, I had to make my own challenge schedule for the month.  I tried to start it out pretty easy, and build from there.  I don't feel that it's really even too difficult at the end of the month, but we shall see...

I was proud of myself for sticking to the first week.  I have been telling myself for a too many weeks to count that I will do squats/lunges/situps/pushups after each run/ride but I rarely manage to "get around to it." I have stuck to this schedule though, so clearly I just need to write things down if I want them to happen.

here's the first week:

The first day was something random I just happened to do that day.  I made the schedule that evening, and I made it to have 4 days on, 1 day off.

I thought it was going really well, and feeling easy enough, but on my two rides so far this week, my legs (mostly quads) have been hurting and it's been hard to put any effort into my rides.  Maybe these small workout are harder than I thought...pretty sad. Then again, 10+ squats a day is a lot more than zero...

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