Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back to the Mountains

Last week : 209.6 bike miles with 11,010 feet of climbing
This week : 101..9 bike miles with  10,164 feet of climbing
Saturday's ride alone had 4780 ft of climbing...
Yep, I'm back in the mountains.

This week 
T : bike 16.5
W : run 5.3
R : bike 33.6
F : run 5.3
Sa : bike 51.8
bike total : 101.9
run total : 10.6

It's been a good week of exercise.  It is ever so tempting to do a short ride or a jog today, but I've been asking a lot of my legs this week and I think they probably deserve a break.  They are a bit sore from getting back into running, and climbing mountains on a bike after 2 weeks away isn't so easy on them either!  My foot seems to be taking the running ok, I've been good about icing it afterwards, and sometimes it hurts later, but it hasn't been too bad, and it fees fine during the runs.  Happily, I have also been able to breathe a little easier during running, which seems to confirm my suspicions that the asthma trouble was primarily allergy related.  

Both long rides this week included some new climbs.  Thursday's new climb was one I've only ever gone down was tough crawling back up it but what doesn't kill me make me stronger!  The views on both rides were absolutely gorgeous, I lucked out with weather both times.  I had to stop and take pictures during Thursday's ride.  Saturday I opted not to stop, although I could have gotten some pretty awesome pictures then too.


(counter clock-wise)

Photos from Thursday

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