Sunday, September 13, 2015

some good runs this week

Tuesday's run was an 8:15 pace, Thursday's run was an 8:08 pace, and on Saturday I decided I wanted to run fast.  I managed to average a 7:13 pace.  I am happy with the pace, but I am not happy that I had to fight really hard for every breath after the first mile or so.  And I had used both inhalers before the run.  Apparently my new miracle drug inhaler isn't so miraculous once I try to run much faster than an 8 min/mile pace.  So that's frustrating.  I know my lungs still need to be strengthened, but it is really hard to accomplish that while also trying not to aggravate my foot, which is still far from 100% as well.  It's usually good for about 5 or 6 miles, and then it starts to hurt a bit.  Obviously that hasn't stopped me from completing 7-8 mile runs, but it is stopping me from running that far every day, and it is looking like it will also prevent me from running in my fall half marathons.  

I have no idea exactly what will happen with my fall races, since I'm not very good at making decisions about running (or not running) and then actually sticking to them, but for now I am telling myself that I would rather keep running like I am and give up on half marathons for awhile, than take off the time it would take for my foot to reach 100% and then have to start from scratch again. Running is far preferable to not running, even if the runs are slower and shorter than I want them to be.

This week : 
M : bike 21.1
T : run 7.2  / trainer 0.4
W : trainer 7.7
R : run 8.1
F : bike 24.7
Sa : run 5.3

total miles run : 20.6
total miles biked : 54.1

My torture device (a/k/a indoor bike trainer) arrived this week.  Which means I can now bike no matter what the weather/temperature.  I tested it out the day it came, thinking I would go for about 15 minutes.  I lasted less than 2 minutes.  No fun at all.  But I got up the next morning determined to survive a workout, and suffered through 30 minutes on it.  1.5 episodes of Arrested Development kept my mind slightly occupied, but it still wasn't very fun.  

My living room is getting crowded.

 Gorgeous day for a ride on Friday.

I don't make it to the top of leaderboards very often...and I may not manage to stay on top for long.
But I'll brag about it while I can!

New pair of running shoes.  
I love it when I can find the right model in a color I like!

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