Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cold Rainy Days means lots of time on the Sweatfest

I thought it would be closer to winter before the Sweatfest (indoor bike trainer) became a staple in my daily life.  I was wrong.  It's only September, but I was on the Sweatfest 4 times this week, and it seems like more.  At least I got to ride outside once this week!  I was really hoping for an outdoor ride this weekend, but I wasn't up to braving the cold or rain.

This week : 
M : 35 min trainer intervals : 5x 2 min hard/3 min easy (9.5 miles)
3.3 mile Pub Run 
T : 45 min trainer (10.6 miles)
W : 25 mile ride, 2188 ft of elevation gain, 17.4 avg speed.
Crushed some climbs.
F : 40 min trainer intervals : 2x 10 min @90+ rpms (10.7 miles)
Sa : 60 min trainer (14.9 miles)

total bike miles : 70.9

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