Sunday, October 4, 2015

Monsoon Week

So much rain.  I miss exercising outside every day.  Thankfully I made it outside twice this week, but the second time it was rather cold for biking and I did get rained on for the last two miles.  Slightly miserable.  Other than the cold and wet, it was an awesome ride though!

This Week :

M : trainer intervals 35 min/8.9 miles (5x 2 min hard, 3 min easy)
T : trainer easy 45 min/10.3 miles
W : 21.1 miles w/Stu, 16.9 mph, sprinted climbs
F : trainer speed 45 min/12.5 miles (16+ mph except for short warm up and cooldown)
Sa : 19.7 miles, 19.1 mph (3x Houfnagle Rd South sprints)

total miles : 72.8

Wednesday's ride with Stu was great.  We lucked out with a sunny and gorgeous day in the middle of all the rain we've been getting.  We had a good time racing the Strava segments, and I got some nice PRs on two of them.  My lungs struggled a lot, and it got harder to catch my breath after each sprint, but I managed ok.  My follow-up appointment with the pulmonologist is a month from tomorrow.  I feel like my asthma has been getting worse instead of better.  I might call and try to move the appointment up.  

On Saturday, I didn't want to venture out to far since the radar wasn't very promising looking, so I did three laps around Old Powell/Houfnagle (roughly 6.7 miles around).  Houfnagle is flat/lightly rolling, so it's as good a place as any around here to practice sprinting.  Plus, the wind was at my back on that road in the direction I was going, so I got some good PRs.  The first time down I took 40 seconds off my previous record, which has been untouched for a little over a year.  All three runs were faster than than last year's time even though I felt completely dead on the third lap.  Most likely the wind had something to do with me being fast even while dead!  

I haven't run for two weeks.  My foot hasn't bothered me at all, but it's always hard to tell how it is without actually running.  I did go see an orthopedic surgeon on Monday.  X-rays didn't show anything, but I didn't expect them to.  I got a Rx for new orthotics, then went to the PT place and found out that I could have shown up at any time to make an appt to get my current ones re-done.  I wish I had known that months ago...if I had gotten them reworked for this foot months ago, it might not even be a problem anymore.  Oh well.  I am going in tomorrow for the orthotics.  Not sure if I will actually get my current ones reworked, or just pay for new ones.  I don't think they are supposed to last much more than a year, and I've had the current ones for longer than that.  I'm going to ask the PT if it would be better to just get new ones.  

fall colors today


more fall colors

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