Sunday, October 18, 2015

Winter is Coming

I was pretty lazy for the first half of the week.  I was tired and busy with long hours in my classroom, and decided not to force myself to make time for exercise.  I did manage to bike enough at the end of the week to at least get my 3 hours of bike time in though.  And I ended up riding my horse 3 times this week, which is a lot more than just my usual Sunday trail ride!

The Pub Run this year had the biggest group so far, there were 7 of us plus a dog!  We actually got to break into two groups.  I ran with the faster group, and we ended up doing 3 loops instead of 2.  We were kind of hoping we would lap the slower group, but it didn't happen.

This week :
M : Pub Run 4.8 miles @ 7:42 pace
R : Bike 21.2 miles @17.3 mph, 1611 ft
Sa : Bike 27.3 miles w/Mark @16.1 mph, 2251 ft
Su : Bike 23.3 miles w/Dan & Todd @15 mph, 2516 ft

total bike miles : 71.8

Both weekend bike rides were pretty cold, with Saturday's in the mid 30s and Sunday's even colder.  But, I layered up with some of my warmer running clothes, and tried out my new bike shoe covers, which aren't very thick, but they are waterproof  and helped block the wind.  And I think they helped keep some of the heat in.  I also got to try out my new warmer bike gloves this weekend.  They are really stiff which makes it hard to drink without stopping the bike, and it is hard to grab the brakes from the drops, but as long as I stay in the hoods when I need to brake they are fine.  And they did keep my fingers warm enough, which is awesome, of course.  Especially given my history of trouble keeping my hands warm!

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