Sunday, October 25, 2015

Run United 13.1 & Zombie 5k 2015

3rd annual Lewisburg half marathon and Zombie 5k.  And as of now, the last year of the Lewisburg half marathon.  Plans are to change it to a 10k next year.  It's too bad that I didn't get to run it this year, but at least I got to be a part of it through photographs!  And I got my exercise sprinting around on my bike trying to get as many photos as possible of both the half marathon and the 5k.

The half marathon started at 9:00.  I got photos of the start, then I rode to the two mile mark, and got photos of everyone as they passed that point.  After the last runner passed me, I had just enough time to get back downtown and into the first cemetery on the 5k course to capture the 5k runners as they began their race.  Then, I caught most of the 5k runners around their halfway point before sprinting my bike back out Fairview Rd to get the half marathoners again.  I had to jump off the bike and whip my camera out of my backpack a few times when I came upon the front runners.  But I eventually made it out to the turn-around spot where some teachers and students from my school had a water table.  I stayed there until the last runner passed, and then I rode back to town.  I took Rt 219 back to town instead of Fairview because it's shorter and flatter.  It also has much heavier traffic, but I decided it was worth it because I was tired from sprinting out Fairview and didn't feel like working too hard to get back to town.

Half Marathon

Zombie 5k

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