Sunday, March 27, 2016

4 months of work building up my lungs has gone down the drain

Ugh.  So, I'm running again.  My ankle doesn't hurt at all for walking/running, it only hurts if it has to twist (basically, it only hurts if I unclip from bike pedals).  I discovered pretty quickly that my lungs are right back where they were 4 months ago when I started building them back up from my last bout of tendonitis.  I have 2 weeks to strengthen them before my next race.

This week : 
M : sweatfest 33 minutes / 9 miles / 16.4 mph
Pub Run 3.1 / 7:48 / 0 ft
T : 17 min TRX
run 3.4 miles / 7:28 / 39 ft
W : bike 20.8 / 18 mph / 1512 ft
R : 17 min TRX
run 5 miles / 7:42 / 147 ft
Sa : run 6.2 / 7:22 / 343 ft
Su : run 5 miles / 7:06 / 335 ft

total bike miles : 29.8
total run miles : 22.8

My heart rate was through the roof on my runs this week.  I guess it's understandable for today's run at a 7:06 pace after my time off, but my 5 mile jog on Thursday resulted in a heart rate profile that looks like one I would normally see after a half marathon, not after a jog!

This is my HR profile for a run on February 19 at the same pace as this Thursday's run.

This is Thursday's HR profile
And this is Sunday's.

Saturday's is similar to Sunday's except the bars are longer and the suffer score is higher, because it was a longer run.  And it says "Extreme" instead of "Tough"...

My heart rate made it above 200 a few times this never got that high in the 10 mile race I did in February...weak lungs are making my heart work awfully hard right now!  My solution to this problem is to run as hard as I can, every time I run, until my lungs are beaten into submission.  It was working great until halfway through today's run when my legs decided it wasn't fun anymore.

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