Sunday, March 13, 2016

Adding up the Bike Miles

Ugh, injuries.  I don't think my body likes being healthy.  Why else would it decide to break right after the best long run I've ever had?

It's debatable at this point which is harder on my ankle, riding or running.  So I probably should have taken the week off from both, but I'm not good at that.  So I've been riding.  I even gave up the 5k race yesterday, which was disappointing, but probably the better choice.

This week : 
M : Pub Run 3.1 / 8:36 / 0 ft
T : bike 20.5 / 18 mph / 1499 ft
F : bike 24.3 / 17.5 mph / 1847 ft
Sa : bike 27.3 / 16.2 mph / 2283 ft

total run miles : 3.1
total bike miles : 72.2

My ankle actually felt really good on Monday's run.  So good I was really tempted to run further, but I decided to be smart and stop after 2 laps like everyone else.

Tuesday's ride was good, and my ankle didn't seem to be strained too badly, but then I was stretching afterwards and apparently moved my foot just the wrong way, because my ankle was suddenly filled with stabbing pains.  So that set me back a good bit, and resulted in 2 days off.

My back did some complaining on Friday's ride, and even more on Saturday's ride.  Not really surprising, given how many miles I rode this week after not riding much at all for months.  I'm going to have to stretch it a lot more until it gets into better bike shape.  Which hopefully won't take long, because Spring is here and I will be on the bike more often!  (I think.)

The world hasn't turned green yet, but it was warm and sunny all week!

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