Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lazy Week a/k/a Recovery Week

Because I don't believe in taking days of for injuries, I went for a run on Monday.  I taped up my ankle first, but that still doesn't necessarily mean that it was ok to run on it.  I didn't actually have a visible ankle bone at that point... However, it seemed to loosen up throughout the run and seemed no worse for the wear.  I told my friends that my body has magical healing powers because it knows I don't believe in rest.

It was warmer out on Tuesday, so I took the opportunity to bike.  The twisting motion of unclipping from the pedals was uncomfortable for my ankle, but it survived.  (The swelling was down enough for my ankle bone to reappear by now)

On Wednesday I decided to take the day off.  I stayed late at work trying to get ahead instead.  It seems the harder I try to get ahead, the more I find to do.  So in the end, I never really get that far ahead.  I would love to get ahead enough that I can start working on the yearbook during school hours, instead of relying on snow days (of which there may not be any more) and weekends.  Wishful thinking. Stayed til 5 on Wednesday, and went in at 6 AM on Thursday, and I still ended up getting sucked into the yearbook vortex this weekend.  On the plus side, I do enjoy working on the yearbook.  It may not be my first choice of a way to spend my weekends, but at least it's fun!

I went for a run on Thursday, and felt pretty good.  Friday morning when I woke up my ankle informed me, through various aches and pains, that just because I could  run, didn't mean I should run.  So I didn't run again for the rest of the week.  And I have been faithfully icing, elevating, and wrapping my ankle all week long!  And taking ibuprofen occasionally, just in case it will help.  I'm impressed with my new-found powers of taking care of injuries.

The weather wasn't nice enough for me to be tempted to bike on Friday or Saturday, so I didn't exercise.  I was hoping the temperature would reach 50 on Sunday for a bike ride, but it only got a little bit above 40.  I spent several hours debating whether or not to bike.  I eventually decided I wasn't going to, and started my Sunday cooking-fest.  Then the sun came out and even though it was still only about 41 degrees, I decided exercise was a much better option than 3 days off in a row. So I biked.  It snowed a few times this week, so the roads were covered in extra grit and gravel, which was highly annoying, but it didn't actually cause me any traction problems.  Probably because I was being extra careful.

This week : 
M : run 4.3 miles / 8:09 / 284 ft
T : bike 18.4 miles / 16.5 mph / 1457 ft
R : run 5.3 / 7:29 / 420 ft
Su : bike 17.7 miles / 17.7 mph / 1329 ft
total bike miles : 36.2
total run miles : 9.6

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