Sunday, April 10, 2016

April Showers bring...Snow Storms.

After a brief and gloriously warm spring, we have descended back into winter.  Saturday's 10k was cancelled due to frigid cold, 20+mph wind gusts, snow, and ice.

This is what I woke up to

26 "feels like 12"  Oh joy.

I wasn't disappointed.  I was very much not ready to race a 10k.  No matter how much I told myself I could just run it and not "race" it, let's be honest.  I'm not capable of such a thing.  I assume I would have gone out way too fast, and then crashed and burned.  Not worth it a week before my favorite half marathon (which I also may or may not be ready for...)

Despite the weather, I really wanted to run.  I didn't want to run the race, or run on the very much unsheltered road that the race would have been run on, but I did want to run.  However, given the strong, snow-filled, wind, I tried to talk myself out of running.  I convinced myself to get on the bike trainer instead, and I stayed on it for a full hour.  But when I got off the bike, I wanted to run even more than when I had gotten on it.  Apparently the bike was just a warm up.  So I put on dry clothes and headed outside.  If I can run in this weather in January, why should I let it stop me in April? As I was getting ready, I saw two runners go by my window.  I crossed paths with them twice during my at least I wasn't the only crazy person out there.  There were also a ridiculous number of robins hanging out in the road.  They kept trying to fly out of my way, but they were too cold to go far.

This week : 
M : Pub Run 5 miles / 7:20 / 0 ft
T : TRX abs & arms 28:11 (3 rounds)
W : 11.5 / 7:49 / 1099 ft
F : TRX 33:12 (30/10 x 50)
Sa : sweatfest 1:01:09 / 15.1 miles
run 6.3 / 7:16 / 436 ft

run miles : 22.8
bike miles : 15.1

I had toyed with the idea of a 15 miler on Wednesday, but I ended up at work later than planned, and I was hungry by the time I got home.  So I ran about as far as I felt like I could go without suffering too badly from lack of fuel.  It was a good run.  I felt strong and was able to push some of the long climbs.  I pounded out the last downhill, in preparation for the deadly downhill in this coming Saturday's half marathon.  My hip was sore the next day, but I managed to work it out with some extra good stretching after Friday's TRX.  

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