Sunday, April 24, 2016

Busy week!

This week : 
M : Pub Run : 4.6 / 8:46 / 0 ft
T : bike w/ Lauren : 23 / 14.9 mph / 1785 ft
W : TRX 30/10 x 50
group trail run : 4.9 / 9:30 / 400 ft
R : run : 5.3 / 7:46 / 407 ft
Sa : bike : 17.6 / 16. 4 mph / 1476 ft
Su : 3 x 1 mile @ 10k effort : 7 / 7:36 / 417 ft
total run miles : 21.9
total bike miles : 40.7

Thoughts on the week : 

Running trails is probably not the best idea for my ankle right now, but of course I decided to do it anyway.  I've avoided the group trail run that started a few weeks ago, because I had to make sure I stayed healthy for the Blue Ridge race.  But with that behind me, I wanted to go join the trail run!  So I did.  And thankfully, it went well, I had fun, and I did not roll or re-sprain my ankle.  

On Saturday I started out my bike ride still debating exactly where I was going to go.   I headed out Fairview with a vague plan, and then made a spur of the moment decision to turn right and pick up the route I took the day I crashed back in November. It really was past time to revisit the scene of the crime.  5 months later, my tooth is still slightly loose from bouncing off the pavement, but life goes on.  

I was about 3/4 mile into today's run, having started rather hard out of the door, and then remembered that I had planned to do mile repeats on this particular loop.  So I slowed down a fraction for the rest of the first mile, and then picked the pace back up for mile 2.  During my recovery in the 3rd mile, my stomach started complaining.  I'm guessing it was a combination of my eggs & bacon breakfast and dehydration.  I had been crazy thirsty ever since last night when I ate pizza with the kids I was babysitting, and no amount of water seemed able to fix the problem.  I managed to pick up the pace pretty well for the 4th mile, but then the 5th mile jog was absolute agony.  I was picturing myself crawling home, and doubted I would be able to do my 3rd repeat.  But I somehow recovered just in the nick of time and got through my last fast mile, although it wasn't quite as fast as the first two.  

I rode my horse twice this week!  And she didn't run away either time, which was impressive and also a wonderful relief.  She actually walked up to me out in the field instead of running the other way.  That's a sure way to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day!  And then we had great rides, Saturday a walking trail ride with 2 others, and today just us, out galloping around the fields in the sunshine.  And then I found a 4 leaf clover after the ride.  That's the second one I've found out there this spring.  I took photos, but left the clovers in the ground.  

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