Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dirt Dash for the United Way 2016

I've been running the Dirt Dash course with my friend Morgan for the last three weeks.  I had been on the fence about whether or not to race it, and then the race committee asked if I would be the photographer again.  I was the photographer for this race last fall because I wasn't in race shape at that point.  I decided that being race photographer was much safer for my ankle than trail racing, so I agreed to do it.  This week, we ran the course harder than we have been, in preparation for the race.  I didn't quite run it at race pace, but I did push it pretty hard, except for the two messier downhill sections, because they terrify me with all their ankle-breaking rocks and roots.  I ended up finishing the course in 42:12.  The overall winning time this year was 38:??.  But I'm pretty sure my time would have gotten me top 3.

It was an absolutely gorgeous morning in the forest, and I enjoyed getting to photograph the racers.  Much more fun that last fall when it was raining!

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