Sunday, December 11, 2016

Easing my mileage back up

This week : 
M : sweatfest 12.3 / 50 minutes
T : group run 5.4 / 8:08 / 217 ft
R : run w/Ben 7.1 / 8:02 / 328 ft
F : run 4 / 7:11 / 184 ft
Sa : hike 5.5 miles / 650 ft 
sweatfest 13.9 / 60 minutes
Su : run w/Ben 6.1 / 7:43 / 479 ft

run total : 22.6
bike total : 26.2

It got COLD this week!  I guess winter is here now.  Tuesday's run was cold and rainy, Thursday's run was colder, and Friday's run was frigid!  I didn't plan or really try to run super fast but I was trying to stay warm, apparently that made me fast.  Thankfully it was a few degrees warmer today when we ran.  It was also the middle of the day instead of evening, I'm sure that helped... 

My foot doesn't feel 100% but it doesn't exactly hurt either.  Hard to say exactly what is going on.  It was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable towards the end of the hike, but it wasn't easy going, so I wasn't surprised.  Still no real pain though, so I guess as long as it doesn't really hurt I will continue running.  Definitely taking it easy on downhills so as not to pound it too hard though!  

On a mission through the woods...gotta find a waterfall!

Found it!

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